About Us

How it Started

In or around 2006, an ambitious and creative few from The Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division (“YLD”) Board of Governors came up with the idea of creating a law student division within The Florida Bar. The law student division would be comprised of and run entirely by Florida law students, under the guidance of the YLD. Leaders of this think tank included Renee Thompson (YLD President 2010-2011) and Sean Desmond (YLD President 2011-2012). Seven years later, what began as an idea has now grown into one of the largest and most successful law student divisions across the nation.

How it Works

Like the YLD, the Florida Bar YLD Law Student Division, is governed by its own President and Board of Governors. The Law Student Division’s board is comprised of six elected and/or appointed representatives from each of Florida’s twelve law schools. These representatives serve as the liaisons between The Florida Bar and Florida law students.

Our Mission

The mission of the Law Student Division is to assist the YLD in furthering the goals of The Florida Bar. The Law Student Division is designed to encourage interest in, and participation by, Division members in the purposes of the YLD. The Law Student Division connects law students to YLD members through a variety of activities and projects designed to be of interest and assistance to Division members, and engages in such activities that tend to further the best interests of the legal profession.

What We Do

The Law Student Division, in conjunction with the YLD, coordinates activities for law students by providing discussion and free interchange of ideas relative to the duties, responsibilities, and issues faced by members of the legal profession. The Law Student Division and YLD also provide mentoring opportunities, which provide professionalism training in order to enhance the integrity and reputation of the legal professional. The Law Student Division is encouraged to aid the YLD in serving the public, particularly those persons outside the legal profession, through state-wide and local community service projects and pro bono service. As a liaison between law schools and the YLD, the Law Student Division promotes diversity in all areas of the study and practice of law. The Law Student Division stimulates and encourages the interest and participation of law students in the YLD and The Florida Bar.